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Stephen Colbert, says Charles Krauthammer is kind of a dick

stephen colbert calls charles krauthammer a dick

Charles Krauthammer, claims Obama is a narcissist, though from his own reckoning he himself is three times the narcissist as President Obama.

This “I” issue has always been something I have paid attention to over the years. In fact the Republican Party should be called the IMMM Party – For I, me, my and mine. This is especially the case concerning Libertarians who can seldom complete a sentence without numerous instances of the words. After all, the central theme of Republican politics, the issue at the top of their ideology is:

“I” don’t want “MY” tax money going to those lazy bums downtown somewhere. LAZY BUMS is putting it kindly.

A couple other points about this ugly little toad and his accusations of narcissism.

Can you name a politician who is not a narcissist?

And even more absurd, the most well known over the top narcissist in the world – so much so that a comedian has spun an EMMY winning 9 year nightly TV show playing that narcissist – is Charles Krauthammer’s fellow Fox News pundit, Bill O’Reilly.

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