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Stephen Colbert, the threat of stripper bears and mimi muslims

stripper bearsThe threat of stripper bears on the pole goes without saying, but what to do about Muslim chrildren is something I don’t think we give that much thought to. How much discrimination, bigotry and hate can Republicans direct at little kids? They really  hate Trayvon Martin and everything he stood for. But that’s not really fair because he was 17, not a little kid, like Emmit Till.

So Christians do not want Muslim children to have coloring books or crayons that tell them they are okay. They are not okay, this is a CHRISTIAN NATION based on freedom of religion for Christians.  Next thing you know, adult Muslims will want to build Muslim schools for their children or build Mosques2 RIGHT DOWN THE STREET!

In Katy, Texas they have figured out how to make these would be terrorists unwelcome. PIG RACES where all the white people come out and drink beer and wave guns around and discuss how much they hate Muslims. IT WORKS.  It’s what Katy, Texas is most well know for. Here Hear!

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