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Stephen Colbert, Trump says Obama never had good crowds like he does

Though the media did indeed treat Obama better, that was mostly because he was not a bigot, a racist a sexist, a womanizer, a narcissist, a crook, a pussy grabber, an serial adulterer, a pathological liar and a daily tweet feed of silly, crazy, stupid lies and crap.

But Obama did have a horrid orange buffoon leading the Birther movement that Obama was born in Kenya and was a Muslim.  Two big lies, for most of 8 years. Donald Trump

As to his crowd sizes, well except all the crowds all over the world far bigger than Trump’s little ego rallies in the few places he can go without major demonstrations. Just last month Trump had 200,000 Germans in a crowd to see him as an x President.

Positive rate for Obama in Europe, 77%.
Positive rate for Trump in Europe   9%

Trump Whines ‘This Never Happened To Obama’