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Stephen Colbert: When it comes to humanity and children, Rush Limbaugh doesn’t have either

rush mocks the sandy hook kids“Children who supposedly wrote letters to the White House…” Says Rush Limbaugh. You see, even children are liars or part of some conspiracy. And mocking children with his crying and whining pretending to be a stinking little liberal kid.  One 6 year old was shot 11 times, had his head blown off. It’s funny to not only Rush but the NRA and the GOP. As Rush says so often, character matters. BTW, the 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls came out FOR ASSAULT RIFLES AND EXTENDED MAGAZINES.

The game now is simple for the Republicans.  Quiet down the lunatics, shut up and let the Senate deal with it. For if they decide to pass the magazine size and Assault rifle ban, the Senate will be taken by the GOP come 2014.  Remember the GOP needs assault rifles and extended magazine to kill our troops.