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Republican Steve Schmidt regrets creating the Palin Monster

“You finally saw it with Ted Cruz. Maybe he was the one that who’s got a bridge too far. Maybe we’ll start seeing our elected leaders stop being intimidated by this nonsense, have the nerve, have the guts to stand up and … to fight to take conservatism’s good name back from the freak show that’s been running wild for four years and that I have deep regret in my part, certainly, in initiating.” Steve Schmidt

steve schmidtIt’s not just that he created our present day version of a blood soaked Sister Aimee Semple McPherson with an assault rifle, but the Tea Party Ugly as well.  I remember growing up my Mom used to call these same people “Birchers” after the John Birch Society who went completely bonkers after the Supreme Court 9 to 0 decision Brown v Board of Education was the impetus ending segregation. Even I remember the roadsigns, IMPEACH EARL WARREN. Samo samo.