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Super Tan John Boehner doesn’t like anything, FOD

tan boehnerThe video tells us Super Tan John Boehner doesn’t like anything, but it misses the only two things that the Republican Party does like. Rich people and guns. So if you are a rich person and your life revolves around a barrel of cold rolled still protruding from the top of your head, vote Republican. If you are in the remaining 90% vote for Democratic. Pretty simple.

But about half of those who are neither rich nor gun enthusiasts vote for Republicans no matter. Here are a few recent news items that can help explain why that is.

1) I am sure we have all seen the video of Seattle Seahawk’s Richard Sherman who after batting down a pass to win the playoff game extended his hand to shake with San Francisco Michael Crabtree who responded with a smack in the face. This slight along with the high adrenaline of winning the game for his team, caused Richard Sherman to do a I AM THE GREATEST rant taken from the Mohammad Ali playbook. Yesterday a poll showed that twice as many people had a negative view rather than a positive few of the black thug in dreadlocks, Richard Sherman. Who graduated from both Highschool and Standford at the very top of his class.

2) Since Mike Huckabee did his speech defending denying birth control for women in his now infamous “women’s libido” speech, the Gomer Pyle of the GOP has risen to lead the polls as the Republican’s top choice as the 2016 presidential nominee.

3) Though not immediately newsworthy, go to any website where any political article is written and read the comments. The majority of which you will find are so filled with angry, name calling rancor directed at Democraps, Demorats, Libtards, Liberal Marxists, Liberal Gun Grabbers, Democrat moochers and on and on and on…

And there you have the trifecta of Republican politics: Racism, religious intolerance and that visceral teeth bleeding hatred of liberals and Democrats. The last of course caused by the resentment of liberals being smarter and better looking than they are.

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