Won’t You Shut Up Bill O’Reilly? A Plea in Song

Won't You Shut Up Bill O'Reilly? A Plea in Song

As Bill O’Reilly continues to sink deeper into the quick-sand of his own lies, an observer asks the musical question: “Won’t You Shut Up Bill O’Rielly?” The tune is set to ragtime, which the songstress explains  is ‘appropriate for the age of O’Reilly’s audience.’ While it’s offered in snark, “Shut up Bill O’Reilly” would be excellent advice for the Fox bloviator…But discretion is not his style, when the famous O’Reilly temper flares.

Bill O’Reilly is a unparalleled instructor, if we credit him for teaching the age-old lesson which warns against throwing stones from your glass house.  O’Reilly began his criticism of Brian Williams, from high atop his throne, which he allegedly earned by daring duty as a war correspondent. He failed to realize that Williams is held to a much higher standard, by NBC – which has a quaking fear of being accused of having any similarity to Fox.  O’Reilly  warmed to finger pointing and chiding Williams – and people began to pay attention for a change…And as the song says, “The old blowhard is hoisted on his own petard.”  Suddenly  a shouted “Because I SAID SO” is not the same as proof..O’Reilly has told the same old war stories innumerable times over the years, without question…Until now.

O’Reilly’s daring rescue of a photographer under fire in the Falklands.
Didn’t happen.

Remember when O’Reilly witnessed the murder of nuns in El Salvador?
Neither does he.

It’s 1977, and O’Reilly is directly outside at the exact moment that george de Mohrenschilt (associate of Lee Harvey Oswalt) shot himself in his Florida home.
He Wasn’t?

This is a really good one!
During the 1992 riots in LA, O’Reilly and his colleagues were “attacked by protesters.” According to O’Reilly.
“They were throwing bricks and stones at us,” O’Reilly said in a 2006 interview. “Concrete was raining down on us.”

Colleagues have no recollection other than a single man hurling a chunk of rubble at their camera.                                    Why did the man hurl a piece of rubble? 
The man was angered by O’Reilly’s limousine being parked in “the smoking remains” of his neighborhood. According to two former colleagues, the driver had been polishing the vehicle and O’Reilly yelled at the man, “Don’t you know who I am?”
That sounds like our Bill, ever sensitive to his surroundings. It’s important to have a polished limo in the midst of an alleged  riot.
Don’t miss his next book.  “Killing the Truth” by Bill O’Reilly

Jon Stewart mades a fool of Fox News raging Bill O’Reilly

Raging Bill O'ReillyBill O’Reilly is nearing implosion, if this goes on much longer we may actually see his head spontaneously explode on the Fox News channel.

The point made here by Jon Stewart is the issue that has been at play since Billo and Fox News teamed up so many years ago.

Why are we questioning the credibility or integrity of Bill O’Reilly who spins the most bias right-wing swill on TV and has the balls to call it the very opposite of what it is, the NO SPIN ZONE?  Adding insult to injury the show is on the most bias right-wing unfair and unbalanced news network on TV which bills itself as Fair & Balanced.

You know I have never been sure what either of those things are truly about. Is that how Bill O’Reilly and Fox News actually t think about themselves? Do they just want to fool their dull knife audience into believing it? Or are they just pulling our chain?

Brian Williams career is over for saying he came under fire with his helicopter hit with a rocket. Oh, he came under fire all right, it was just that it was the helicopter in front of his that was hit by the RPG.  End of Brian Williams. Swift boated by our troops.

We now have another one pending. The new VA Secretary Robert McDonald for saying he was in the SPECIAL FORCES when he was only an AIRBORNE RANGER in the 82nd Airborne. In this case not about embellishing his resume but just trying to connect with a homeless veteran. Again swift boated by our troops.

Pathological liar and killer Chris Kyle is being considered for the Medal of Honor by those same troops.

As a troops myself I can say… Oops can’t go there, it is not allowed, even here. A price to high to pay.

Oh and while I am at it, religion is all a bed of roses and Neocons are all Irish. So I am okay!

Bill O’Reilly;s Lie Tops Brian Williams by 1200 Miles

Bill O'Reilly's War Lies Top Brian Williams by 1200 Miles

Mother Jones unearths an oft-told tale of Bill O’Reilly’s in which he claims to have saved a man’s life in a war zone – The Falklands,  while in truth, he was with the press corps, some 1200 miles away!  This, of course comes on the heels of Brian William’s unfortunate admission that he may have gilded the lily a bit, although Williams was – in fact, in the war zone, and under fire…Unlike O’Reilly, who was far from the Falklands, where he claims to have done his deeds of daring do-do.

Fox ‘news’ has been positively giddy on schadenfreude from William’s misfortune for weeks. Recently, William’s bad luck emboldened   Bill O’Reilly, to give a somber lecture on journalistic ethics. The video piece  begins with O’Reilly shaking his head, and intoning, “Reporting the news comes with a big responsibility.”  He pointedly lectures: “You, the press, must be honest.”
I know! This from FOX…It’s delicious.  Following the brief lecture is a clip of Bill re-telling on-air, (not for the first time) the heroic story in which he saved a man’s life under fire, in the Falklands. With no thought for his own life, O’Reilly claims to have dragged the man out of harms way, without a thought for himself.

Have they neglected to award him a medal for heroism – or even an award for journalism?  It’s no wonder  O’Reilly burns with indignation when snot-nosed punks like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert cart home awards by the bushel! They didn’t risk their lives to bring you the story. As it happens, neither did O’Reilly – unless he’s perfected time travel. We all know that only the cartoon genius Stewie, of ‘Family Guy’ has done that.

The Mother Jones article – is of course,  considered to be a ‘hit piece’ by O’Reilly and his deluded, emotional fans. That alone is a guarantee that it hits uncomfortably close to the bone. Dancing with Dame Schadenfreude can often earn one a swift kick in the behind from the lady.  The comments section under the YouTube video is alive with hot, passionate defense of their hero. It’s a hard pill for Bill’s fans to swallow, but  Mother Jones’ report is really ‘just the facts, ma’am.’   Read the Mother Jone’s full story.