America Saves the Day! VE Day!

America Saves the Day! VE Day!

This cartoon is one of hundreds exactly like it, with thousands of similar headlines. We are just so full of ourselves.

A 28-year-old French banker known only as “Damien A” who does not wish to be named was the first person to tackle the gunman and grab the AK47.

51-year-old American-born college professor Mark Moogalian living in Paris while teaching at the Sorbonne was shot in the neck when he wrestled the Kalashnikov assault rifle from the gunman.

Chris Norman a 62 a British IT consultant and grandfather jumped on the arm in which the  prone shooter was wielding a handgun he had just shot Mark Moogalian with.

Spencer Stone, an off-duty US airman ran to help hold gunman Ayoub El-Khazzan in a chokehold while he stabbed at him with a box cutter.

Aleks Skarlatos, 22, a member of Oregon’s National Guard, ran to the gunman with Stone and grabbed the weapons out of his hands.

Anthony Sadler, a 23-year-old student and friend of Stone and Skarlatos, jumped into action when the gunman appeared and filmed the aftermath.

American Exceptionalism.

Canada apologies for been better than us

Canada apologies for been better than usAmerican exceptionalism is real, movies, guns and hamburgers – top of the world ma!

But what about religious intolerance? Hey let’s be fair, we are no where near as bad as Somalia, the Congo, Saudi Arabia and Uganda.

Well then what about religious silliness? 46% of Americans do not accept evolution, even Iran and Saudi Arabia accept evolution, only Turkey has more silly people than the United States in this matter.  I would guess this also goes hand in hand with Global Warming. Oops, polls show Americans are only third from the bottom in accepting climate change followed by China, Poland and Russia. Though the 44% who do deny it here in America all happen to be Republicans.

Jason Jones goes to India to find Democratic Exceptionalism, Daily SHow

Why are white people so fat?

jason jones in indiaPeople in India and China get so fat that they can’t fit through their narrow doors so never go outside where they can be seen.

Does every country define themselves as exceptional? And if so, wouldn’t that make the claim meaningless?

But wait, how can India be exceptional when they are all coming here? All 1.2 billion of them!  Well 2 million over the past 50 years or so anyway. What’s the math on that? I think that means that .1% of them have come here. All of which become American valedictorians and spelling bee champs. I am not sure about where the Quickee Mart people come from though, they all talk funny and look alike.

They sure beat us in the religion department what with 360 Gods to our one God. Oh, 3 Gods. Oh, three, three Gods in one. Oh, one’s a ghost. Two, two Gods in One.  Twix Gods. Two for me and none for you! Do Muslims and Jews have two Gods and a ghost? What about Buddhists? Do they even have Gods at all?

It seems to me the best idea would be to believe in all 362 Gods and the one Ghost instead of picking just a few and end up being wrong and in Hell. Or a spider…