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NRA 1st Anniversary of Sandy Hook Elementery, Bill Day cartoon

sandy hook nra

sandy hook nra

Over the past year we have seen concern for any new gun controls drop from 62% after Sandy Hook, to 51% today. But some gun enthusiast will soon change that I am sure. 26 to tie and 27 to win! Though 20 under 6 years old will be hard to beat. But I have confidence in our American Exceptionalism.

What is that makes America so Exceptional? I am told that it is because Jesus and God has singled us out for special treatment. But if you ever spend time with a European you will what really sets us apart is our gun culture, our refusal to join the civilized world with regards to health care and executions. You know, things Jesus loves us for.

On health care we have no competition, we are alone in refusing to accept it as right.

With the guns we are in competition with only a very few vacation destinations: Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan and The Congo.

With executions we are fifth in the world in that fine group of nations.
Execution figures for 2012

China (2000)
Iran (314)
Iraq (129)
Saudi Arabia (79)
USA (43)
Yemen (28)
Sudan (19)
Texas (15)
Afghanistan (14)
Gambia (9)
Japan (7)
North Korea (6)
Palestine (6)
Republic of China (6)
Somalia (6)
South Sudan (5)
Belarus (3)
UAE (1)
India (1)
Pakistan (1)
Bangladesh (1)

Gosh, even Putin doesn’t execute people.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has executed 234. More people than any one leader in the world other than leaders of China, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Texas is even more Exceptional that the rest of America with not only the most guns and the least health care but the most executions. Let’s hear it for American Christianity! Hear! Here!