Sarah Palin Attempts to Mock Tina Fey in ’30 Rock’ Spoof

Sarah Palin Attempts to Mock Tina Fey in  '30 Rock'  Spoof

If Sarah Palin turned the tables and did a send-up of Tina Fey in ’30 Rock’ it would be a side-splitter, right?  You optimists are adorable.  By now you know right-wingers don’t do funny…Intentionally. But cringing can be enjoyable, so I invite you to enter a world where right-wingers get a chance to torment the liberals who poke fun at them.

Sarah Palin stars in Independent Journal’s new comedy spoof about a small-town TV writer who moves to NYC in hopes of creating a hit variety show called ’31 Rock.’  For undisclosed reasons, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator John McCain – (who should be Palin-shy), and Kevin Brown of Dot Com were roped into this thing too.

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver: US & Iran A Big Deal!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver U S - Iran Relations

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver talks about the Iran nuclear deal, which truly is good news despite what you’re hearing from the Right.  Under our agreement, Iran will not be able to produce even the minute amount of  material necessary to strap onto a suicide hamster, which could then be placed in a mailbox.

To a man, Republicans stridently complain, and maintain that there must be a ‘better deal’ out there!  A ‘better deal’ than what?  Of the 90 pertinent pages of the deal, they have read exactly – none.  Lindsey Graham deserves some points for honesty. After complaining about the Iran deal on an interview program,  Graham was asked if he’d read the deal, and admitted he had not. John Boehner too, skipped straight to complaining and nay saying without reading a single word

.John compares them to a four-year-old who claims he doesn’t like broccoli. He hasn’t tasted it, he just knows he isn’t going to like it.  Maybe we should call it The US-IRAN Broccoli Deal?

Daily Show John Oliver, Lindsey Graham and GOP immigration reform only for the math

lindsey graham mathThe GOP reaches out to Hispanics only because the demographic math requires it.

Well in the Senate it now seems that the Democrats have given in from 6 years to citizenship to the Republicans 13 years, and more than doubling border security since Obama became president. And now we have Rubio doing his immigration speeches in Spanish pushing English Only.

And there’s the rub. They are now asking for the impossible, speak English, 90% effective border security or to Hell with it [with security doubled of late we get about 50% of those crossing]. But hey,  the House will stop it anyway so what’s the use in all this talk. Let the WWE take care of it.