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SNL HAGEL HEARINGS: Republican Senators will blow a donkey for Israel

snl hagel hearingsThe two issues that no elected official or member of the main stream media can question, cast doubt or speak negativity about are religion and Israel. They are both the holy grail of SHUTTHEFKUP or else.

It is already well known that Senator McCain is a bitter old man living on the edge of senility. It is also understood that Senator Lindsey Graham is a mealy mouthed right-wing Southern reactionary whose primary game in life is to pretend he is far more moderate than he really is.

And taken both together these two American Senators are perhaps the top two war mongers in the world. Really. They are more responsible for keeping us in a state of war now for 12 years. Bush, Chaney and Rumsfeld are all long gone and could not have managed doing two wars at once without them.

But the real story here is whether Tea Party Senator Tim Scott can beat out Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in vying to become the top clown in the Senate? Ted Cruz is already nipping at Rand Paul’s heels. Can Tim Scott beat Ted Cruz? Is it possible that this black guy can become more of an embarrassment to African Americans than Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain and Ward Connerly? Is that even possible?







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