Donald Trump Making America White Again

Donald Trump Making American White Again

Mike Luckovich hit the nail on the head so well here the chances are pretty pretty good he will soon get a personal honorable mention from The Donald Himself, Luckovich, Luckovich isn’t that Russian or Pollack?

This political cartoon recently gained legs. Even though “The Blacks” love Donald Trump, well two crazy black women at least with the other 99% polling against him, and even though he says he will get the Hispanic vote, polls show that 86% of them  can’t stand him, it was not until this week that the “anchor baby” crap woke up America’s sleeping Asian community who have now rejected The Donald en mass. Even American Indians can’t stand him for his casino comments.

But boy oh boy, stupid white people certainly love his white ass.

Oops, sorry, we are not suppose to make fun of the Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Donald Trump fans because making fun of them gets them angry, which can get them all riled up to start tea parties, buy machine guns for their home arsenals and then won’t vote for liberals and Democrats! What then?  Gosh… Peckerwoods.

Snack Bars at executions , Lukovich Cartoon

execution chamber snack bar

Since the botched execution there in Georgia last week I have noticed the mainstream media questioning whether we should perhaps move to firing squads and gas chambers. Not that much interest in the electric chair or hanging. The smoking heads from the electric chair is problematic as is hanging overweight convicts whose heads could pop off.

We also learn that witnesses don’t like watching lengthy executions while family members of the victims like it just fine.

What’s missing in the dialogue?

Much like 95% of Jews in Israel want more carnage in Gaza and 85% of Russians love their Putin. The media has to give us what we want.

“THE RIGHT THING TO DO.” Are words for losers and black presidents…. Which seem to be one in the same.

GOP Impeachment of Obama and Hillary, Lukovich cartoon

GOP Impeach Obama and Hillary

Polls this week showed that two thirds of Republicans want to impeach President Obama. The establishment doesn’t want to rock the boat before November to possible loss an easy takeover of the Senate. It is what John Boehnor’s lawsuit is suppose to do. Hold back the crazies until after November. The problem is that two thirds of the GOP are crazies.

The criteria for the impeachment is President Obama has ALMOST issued as many executive orders as any other president since FDR. Not sure if that is a HIGH CRIME or a MISDEMEANOR…

Come December I can see no way that the House will not Impeach President Obama. Sure the Senate will not vote to throw him out, but the stain of Impeachment will always be on the head of the only African American president in our history. And if you don’t think that race is the dominate factor in this, you also don’t know what kudzu, okra and white gravy are….