SOTU, Obamacare & GOP Strategy Revealed! Susie Sampson

SOTU, Obamacare & GOP Strategy Revealed! Susie SampsonSusie Sampson reviews the State of the Union address, and reveals the Republican strategy that Cathy McMorris Rodgers referenced in her State of the Union rebuttal when she said…”Republicans have plans.”  But first, one of McMorris-Rodger’s key issues was Obamacare, and McMorris-Rodger’s speech took the scourge of Obamacare down to a personal level with ‘Bette’ from Spokane, Washington. We were told that Bette is an example of how the unrealistic and expensive Obamacare isn’t working.  Paul Krugman of the NY Times shines a light on the Obamacare victim,Bette. A bit of research reveals that Bette was comparing her previous policy with one of the pricier alternatives her insurance company was offering – and she refused to look for cheaper alternatives on the Washington insurance exchange, declaring, “I wouldn’t go on that Obama website.”  At least they are remaining open-minded!

Also in McMorris-Rodger’s speech was a promise. “Our plan is one that dreams big for everyone and turns its back on no one.” This promise is a bit vague. However, if past actions are any indicator, Susie was right when she said their ‘plan’ is to (continue to) “oppose anything Obama proposes.”

If you don’t know Susie, she’s our liberal mole in the Tea Party. Actually, she’s done this report tongue-in-cheek for some time, and yet many conservatives believe she is serious!
The following is her report on the SOTU address.

State of the Union time. And let’s just say it was a big ‘ol win for the GOP. No matter that Obama spoke well. John Boehner’s tan and his sour face really won the show. And what’s all this about a living wage? As long as you’re livin’ and you have a job, that’s a livin’ wage. Seems to me like people should just be happy with tryin’ to pick themselves up by their boot straps, even if there’s no hope. Again, a win for the GOP because we have plans. We’re just not going to tell anyone what they are.

Susie Sampson Review:Miley Cyrus Twerks With No Butt? Syria & Cruz Hurt

Our Tea Party Lady of mystery Susie Sampson reviewed the ‘week that was.’ It ‘was’ not over quickly enough.

Far from shrieking in outraged horror like many Americans, Susie asks the obvious question…And invites your opinions and/or video replies. Since dirty little Miley seems to be a one Twerk pony, shouldn’t she at least have a little more – derriere to shake?

Susie Sampson Review:Miley Cyrus Twerks With No Butt? Syria & Cruz Hurt

Obviously this weekly review is dated by a few days. Susie asks whether we care (enough) about Syria to commit ourselves to another war. Do you? Perhaps we should all play a few hands of video poker like John McCain to put things in perspective?

Lastly, even Tea Party mavens get confused. It was a natural assumption on Susie’s part to think that Senator Ted Cruz was from Texas originally. After all, he’s a man ergo he is important, and at the time of this writing he believed he could click his ruby slippers together and truly be from Texas, not his country of birth, Canada. Therefore he would be eligible to run for President of the USA.
We dodged that bullet America!
Don’t take this the wrong way Canada, we love you. Every family or country is apt to produce a nut, no matter how fine his upbringing was. I suspect he saw a Tea Party rally and thought “Those are my people!” Again…It’s nothing you did Canada, you’re great parents and neighbors.

Troublemakers: Obama & Christie Pallin’ Around New Jersey. McCain in Syria? Cardinals! TeaPartyReport Humor

Troublemakers: Obama & Christie Pallin' Around New Jersey. McCain in Syria? Cardinals TeaPartyReport Humor

Aw C’mon, are public displays of affection really necessary President Obama and Governor Christie?! Walking arm in arm, looking into one another s  eyes and holding a real conversation. No wonder their working relationship is being called a “bromance” on Fox News.
Forty years ago the same civility between people from different parties, would have been considered  working for the common good…Quaint, hey?

At least put on a show to cheer up the Tea Party, Governor! As we’ve learned from Jan Brewer, there is no need for civility or a thin veneer of manners.  We’re well aware that New Jersey  needs something from the government, but can’t you at least pretend to hate Obama and loathe the process of getting it? It would mean so much to them all.
Susie has the latest on the third corner of this patriot’s hat. John McCain has slipped on over to Syria, and it sounds mighty suspicious to me. Likewise, Susie helps the Cardinals to slide into home base…Or at least the headlines, in the nick of time!