KOOL THING 2015: Scott Walker Vs Ladyparts Justice with Sonic Youth

KOOL THING 2015: Scott Walker Vs Ladyparts Justice  with Sonic Youth

Ladyparts Justice reminds us that Scott Walker is the 15th GOP extremist to declare he wants to be president of your vagina.  No really, he actually suggested that forced ultrasounds before you can have an abortion are a cool thing.  I suggest you memorize the words “I don’t think so” and “I don’t want to.” If Walker or one of his clones slips into the White House you’ll be repeating those two phrases often.

Walker is making promises. He will de-fund Planned Parenthood to please his cranky Fox ‘News’ base. Walker is full of contradictions:.he promised to “stand up for American workers” but – he criticizes the idea of the minimum wage, and he is anti-union. His promise to ‘stand up’ for us is somewhat puzzling – but, it can always get worse.

Under the Scott Walker regime, SNAP funds or other help will require your time, patience and urine. Walker believes Americans should be living a sober, drug-free life if they are to receive any financial assistance. It’s a shame that we don’t have a similar program for politicians.

.It’s not sounding good for ladyparts or working people in WalkerWorld – with only low wages and no union representation in their future – but there will be lots o’ babies, and the job outlook for pee checkers has never been brighter!

Galaxy Choir with Octave time

Galaxy Choir with Octave timeAnd now, for something completely different.

How could anyone not like this? I know I know!  If Barack Obama said he liked it, a third of Americans would hate it, and if they could shoot it.