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Ted Cruz Joe McCarthy of our time

Ted Cruz as Joe McCarthyA reminder of how our grandparents see Ted Cruz. The physical resemblance, the Right-wing  ideology and above all the attitude is striking.

Yes I know, Joe McCarthy and McCarthyism are heroes to the Republican Base. In fact Ann Coulter had a NYTs best selling book a few years ago defending Tailgunner Joe as a real American Hero. And not to forget his partner Roy Cohn, the most despicable American of the 20th Century.

Methinks the reason the junior Senator from Texas is taking his hits quietly without animus is that he too now fears censure himself. My hope is that he learns a lesson in all this, shuts up and takes a low profile for a couple years, and then brings it all back hard and heavy as a GOP Presidential nominee in the 2016 primaries. I pray for that. In fact we should force all school children to pray for that. For as Jesus said so well, “Pray only in public so everyone can see who well you pretend to love me.”