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Ted Cruz, the toilet plunger of the GOP, Trevor Noah

Ted Cruz, the toilet plunger of the GOP, Trevor Noah“No one wants to use the plunger, but you have to to get the turd out of the way,” Trevor Noah uses Republican primary verbiage to endorse turd remover Ted Cruz over the actual turd Donald Trump, Noah may live in NYC but obviously he isn’t from there.

It would be easy to get Ted Cruz out of New York City. Just do what we did know here in Dumbutt, Texas last Fall. Have the city pass an ordinance that Ted Cruz cannot use the bathrooms.  After all, it serves the same purpose as why they passed the law here, to keep certain undesirables from leaving their homes long enough to have to take a pee.  And Ted Cruz is most certainly and undesirable.

And if Trump and Cruz are not a big enough headache for the GOP, now they have most every Republican held state trying to pass abortion laws against women and bigotry laws against the LBGT communities.

In fact our most popular and moderate Christian preacher, Franklin Graham is now at the forefront attacking businesses who are boycotting states who actually pass these laws.  Graham’s argument is like most all Evangelical arguments, the fail to think things out.  He claims Pay Pal is hypocritical because the do business with other countries who have poor human rights records. But Pay Pal is not going to open a business in North Carolina because it wants to protect it’s employees from the bigotry. But you see, it works for Graham as those listening to him have learned that thinking things out is painful and makes them unhappy. Just get to where you want to be and stop there.