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Mrs Betty Bowers – A Super PAC ad for the GOP, They’re Welcome!

Mrs Betty Bowers - A Super PAC ad for the GOP, They're Welcome!

America’s Best Christian Betty Bowers made this witty Super PAC ad for the GOP in 2012, when hypocrisy was rampant in the party, but as disgusting as it is to admit, the ad is even more relevant today!
The format goes something like this:

“If you believe being gay is a choice, but only because you chose a church that says so – Join the GOP.”

“If you’re pro-life but not pro-health – Join the GOP.”

Betty compiled quite a list of pseudo-patriotic and religious excuses for the Grand Old Party’s hypocrisy and inhumanity to man – and women…And it’s all still relevant. While the GOP has had four years to improve from the time this video was first created, we can’t say they have – but they’ve changed,

On the bright side, they can’t get much worse!

If Betty were compiling the list today, she might add a few things like the following:

If you live in the land of the free – but reserve the right not to serve someone who is gay or transsexual…Join the GOP.

If you think using the public restroom is a right – but you should be prepared to prove your sexual identity first…Join the GOP

If you believe in a woman’s right to choose – her dentist or ophthalmologist for reproductive health – join the GOP

The Grand Old Party where you can be For something while you’re Against it!