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Texas Board of Education winner Mary Lou Bruner says Obama is homosexual

“Obama has a soft spot for homosexuals because of the years he spent as a male prostitute in his twenties, that is how he paid for his drugs,” Mary Lou Bruner just the other day doubled down on that.

Mary Lou Bruner Here in Dumbutt we have Mary Lou Bruner who just won 49% of the vote as one of the new Republican members of Texas State Board of Education which controls textbooks down here in Dumbutt. And of course like all Texas Republicans she rejects both evolution and global warming as communist hoaxes.

Mary Lou Bruner

More on Mary Lou Bruner at Obama Was Gay Prostitute, Dems Killed JFK, Climate Change A Hoax: Leading Texas ‘Education’ Candidate

The good news is that with only 49% of the vote she needs to win the Republican run off – which she is expected to easily do – and then take on  her Democratic opponent which she is expected to beat by more than 30 points.

The bad news is she has been pushing her insane crap to Texas Children as a public school teacher now for 36 years. AS DO MOST TEACHERS IN TEXAS. Resulting in Texas as only the second dumbest state.

This is why Texas – and the South – reject national testing, common core and grade on a curve. But don’t feel bad for us down here, we have the guns to make up for the dumb.  How many bad things have you ever said to an idiot with a gun? It works for Texas and it can work for America.