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Texas Ice House VII

I asked Jesus down at the ice house to put the Democratic Convention on the TV behind the bar. And wouldn’t you know it, Bubba arrived just as Al Sharpton filled the screen. As I watched Bubba turn red holding in the N-word, I made a silent bet on how long he would last. When Rev. Sharpton made the joke that the only way George Bush got into law school was because of affirmative action, Bubba’s shade deepened from red to purple, with only outbursts of the less offensive shouts of mfer and cser. Bubba even got past Al saying that if they didn’t get that mule and 40 acres the Republican Party had promised, they would ride this donkey forever. It wasn’t until Al addressed George Bush directly with his refrain that the black vote is not for sale, that Bubba lost control and out the word flew. Even here in Texas racist displays of that sort are unpopular in public. So I took the opportunity to give Bubba a good strong finger-snap to the nose, which he had do endure because he knew Jesus would be on my side in this matter. I then tried listening to the John Edwards speech, but the Bubba-din of how many ax handles across Elizabeth Edwards butt was, caused me to miss most of it, though he looked good and sounded swell.

Texas Ice House VIII