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Texting versus talking on the phone

Texting versus talking on the phoneAnd now they have texting to voice apps and cars read text messages rather than just using the phone as a phone, one of those things where culture overrides logic, reason and common sense.

I don’t like my smart phone.  It vibrates and makes loud noises and all I usually get from it is a “where are you?” None of your friggin’ business is where I am! Why we all just don’t wear our smart phones locked around our ankles I have no idea.

As an example of how important my smart phone is to me, we did a week in Cancun over Christmas, we got back on December 28th. I had taken my smart phone in case I got drunk and lost. On January 26th I could not find my good jeans and asked where they might be.
“Have you tried the back hall hamper?”
And there they were. I was putting them into the washing machine and out fell my smart phone. Didn’t realize it was missing for 28 days.  While around me if one get’s dropped and stops working hysteria, uncontrollable weeping and endless calls about Fed Ex delivering a replacement in the next hour or less.