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Land’s End Should Ban Clothes Not Gloria Steinem – John Oliver

Land's End Should Ban Clothes Not Gloria Steinem - John Oliver

John Oliver takes note of the kerfuffle which began when Land’s End, cowed by right wing reactionaries, pulled a Gloria Steinem interview and photo spread from their spring catalog. The action paired with an apology for even thinking of Gloria Steinem, headed off a threatened boycott by the braying hordes as well. The ‘Legends’ feature in the catalog is meant to portray someone who has contributed and inspired others in their lifetime. Steinem would seem to be a perfect fit. At 81 years-old she is still advocating for civil rights and equality. Steinem has received many accolades in her life, and  is seen here receiving The Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013.

Peace reigned for a couple of minutes,until people with good sense heard about the travesty and threatened their own boycott! . Land’s End then replied that they’d only meant to feature someone who’d made a difference, and not ” present a political stance or a religious viewpoint.” Pointing to a men’s ad featuring shorts with crisp pleats, John remarks if that’s the case, “they should stop making clothes that look like they were designed for Mormon Spring Break.”

John Oliver views the situation with classic  humor, that makes me feel a little better. Maybe it will make Steinem feel downright jubilant  that she’s not in their stupid old dumb catalog anyway .John peruses the catalog as it should be viewed, with humor, and it’s soon clear that we’re not talking cutting edge at Land’s End. Maybe a boycott by either party is an empty threat?  If you don’t believe me, consider this -they still have sweater vests!  John says it’s illegal for anyone other than middle school vice principals to wear them. He’s right, and the law proscribes a short-sleeve shirt and tie  accompany the jaunty vest. There is one exception to the rule,Rick Santorum  the Frothy One has done for sweater vests,what Ronald McDonald had done for red noses. Nope, I don’t want one of those either.