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The 14th Crusade

A February poll showed the majority of Iraqis’ believe things where better under Saddam and that it is okay to kill American soldiers. And if that poll had not included the Kurdish North, it would have been two thirds of Iraqis’ feeling that way.
Ayatollah George gave a rousing war speech today! Take no prisoners! Kill them all! Jack it up! Fight on harder and forever no matter the cost! All based upon him once again throwing out his troublesome religious rhetoric, "pure evil" responding to the terrorists who recently used two children as cover for a car bomb, detonating it with the kids inside. He went on with his "no matter the cost", we must "defeat evil" or they will swim the Atlantic and murder all our children. The reason he insists upon spilling so much "non-bush blood" is because we are winning the war in Iraq. One has to lean way back to ponder all that on not a few levels.

Consider the obvious bold faced lies. That we "are" winning in Iraq and we "can" win a war against a billion Muslims all over the world. Bush has a serious lack of cognitive skills by using this horrid instance with the children to imply we are winning when it portends just the opposite. They are winning because they have once again shown what depths religious evangelicalism allows humans to sink.
George is also intellectually incapable of understanding the "why" of terrorism. Terrorists want us out of their face and most importantly, OUT OF THEIR HOUSE. The point of the terror is to lure dumbass American Presidents into creating a world of war and death so the terrorists don’t have to do it themselves. They checkmated our man on their first move. Bush also rejects the entire world on this, that terrorism is a fact of life for the near future, we will fight it as best we can without allowing them the satisfaction of seeing our freedoms taken away, and giving them the joy of seeing the murder and havoc this idiot is doing for them everywhere he swaggers. This is Bush’s Religious World War I. Or as there were 13 Crusades we can more briefly call it, The 14th Crusade or The Bush Crusade.
We also have the sad but true fact that George himself is responsible for killing about 10,000 Iraqi children. Though this is not a problem because we call it "collateral damage" rather than "terrorism". That makes it okay, but I often wonder what that women in the black Burka with the black garbage bag searching the rubble for her children’s body parts calls it.
And finally, once again Bush uses religious terms to rationalize his violent vengeful swagger (in all things) while if some South America leader uses the same rhetoric to define him, we go collectively crazy.
Republican presidential hopeful Senator Chuck Hagel threw out the "impeachment" word last week. Impeachment for ignoring not only the will of Congress but the will of the American people. Those grounds would also include the Vice President, making Nancy Pelosi the President of the United States. Which would make the present possible campaign disruption of either Thompson or Gore coming in, look like nanozit.
Impeachment is long shot, so the obvious solution is for Congress to issue a Congressional Order to send Bush and Cheney on a 20 month Caribbean vacation waterboarding in Guantanamo. They both say its okay so what the hey