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The Art of the Knell, Daily Show

The Art of the Knell, Daily Show

The Art of the Knell, Daily ShowGosh, The President of the United States is on the side of more concussions in the NFL. Not to mention moving his and his gang’s overt racism now into both the NBA, the NFL and ESPN.

Oh, sorry, it’s not about race! Though it’s only about Black athletes. With the white people in the stadiums BOOING black athletes and Jerry Jones!  OMG!

Hey, let the Trumpers turn off ESPN, the NFL and the NBA and let them all go to NASCAR, the beer is cheaper and it is more attuned to their intellectual capacities. Watching cars go endlessly and loudly round and round in a circle where their only hope is to see not a concussion, but a flaming body tumbling down the asphalt track. On and the extra fun of having fans crushed and started on fire. Don’t get that at a NBA or NFL game!

It’s who they are and there is no meeting them half way, or a quarter of the way. Send them back under their rocks and put everything into GETTING OUT THE VOTE. We win if we can just get 5% more people to vote in every election.

THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE!  This message Trump is sending out is their lifes’ work, it’s everything they believe, it’s who they are, what they are proud of being, for them to change even the slightest is to admit they have spent their entire lives being wrong. WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Let me put this at the bottom where no one ever gets to…

Patriotism and religion cause nothing but trouble, but other than meth, opium and shine it is all  those who have little in the way of education, brains and passable looks to get through the day.

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