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The CBS/Bill Maher Brouhaha

CBS has removed Limbaugh’s Free Speech segment from Youtube. If you would like to see it, it is within my Pigistory Video present on the website.

Katy Couric began her first week as anchor for CBS EVENING NEWS bringing Rush Limbaugh to her Free Speech segment. If you watching a flatulent addict makes calling you names makes you ill, I can recap it for you in just a few words. Those who are full square behind this Republican Administration’s use of torture and war are good patriotic Americans, while Democrats who speak of discourse and diplomacy are evil unpatriotic Americans.

YouTube of Maher on O’Reilly Bill Maher recently said he was denied his spot on the CBS Free Speech segment because he was going to speak out against religion, which CBS denies. There seems to be some semantic games being played in all this which I am not too clear on. The video not only covers this well, but the dynamics between the two is fun to watch. How people can stomach that guy is just beyond me. His head is so big, he could paint GOODYEAR up each side of it and take the going rate. In the video Maher explains what he wants to say on CBS regards religion: “It is a mass psychosis” responsible for most of the bigotry, intolerance and murder in the world. Whatever the game being played by CBS or perhaps Maher in this, the bottom line is Maher has not been on that segment though he was scheduled for it. As serendipity would have it, right in the middle of this brouhaha, the most volatile segment yet aired appeared, which may force CBS to give Maher his minute.

Site with Nitwit on CBS The night of the Amish school shooting, Katy Couric gave the segment to the father of a Columbine murder victim, Brian Rohrbough. I found this the most disgusting display of a network news program pandering to the extreme religious right than I can recall. If you don’t wish to take the time to watch it, again I can recap for you in just a few words. The Amish shooting – as are all such shootings – are because we teach evolution in our schools and we murder babies. It is not about mental health, the NRA or vengeance gone wild, rather it is all because we are not putting enough Taliban in our soup.

Sacred Cows It is still to be seen whether Maher is allowed to slam religion in a slot with tens of millions of viewers, personally I doubt it will happen unless he changes his words. Are you surprised that there is an article on this very thing on this website?> One bright event regarding this latest gunloon massacre in Pennsylvania was that immediately after the fact, the Amish community reached out to the family of the attacker. An example of how religion should mold us rather than how it has molded us into the most violent Christian industrialized nation on Earth.