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The Jesus Variant

The Jesus Variant
So, your plan is to do a human genocide again?
Yeah, worked okay last time, I did give them a boat.
But all of them? Only about a third of them need to be culled.
You have a better idea?
Yes I do. We now have a chemical condition that gives us the parameter of who are the nastiest, dumbest and most horrid of the human race. Those who refuse to be vaccinated. So I just put a Covid variant to the wind that will in a week kill off all those not carrying the covid vaccination chemical markers.
And what does that get us? I still say take them all out and start over again. I will give them a bigger boat.
Get us? It will begin a new world without me having to go down there again to fix it and get nailed to a tree all over again. A world at peace that will stop global warming, get healthcare to everyone and put an end to the mean nasty money oriented crap destroying themselves.
Ok, have at it boy. Just don’t come crying to me if it goes astray.
Oh come on, you haven’t done one damn thing in the past two thousand years anyway…