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The Republican fraud of moral equivalency

The Republican fraud of moral equivalency

The examples of fraudulent moral equivalency used by Republicans goes beyond just comparing Benghazi to 911 or an email server to vindictive fascist bigotry into the very core of things. There is no moral equivalent to a government we choose to the destruction of a democratically elected government to give control to the likes of Donald Trump, David Koch and Sheldon Adelson, unregulated and unelected.

Comparing Secretary of State Clinton being alive when four American were killed halfway around the world in Benghazi to the failure of the Bush Administration with 911 under their nose and the resulting Iraq War goes so far beyond the pale only registered nitwits would climb that Republican lie.

Or comparing an email server that caused [or will cause] nothing compared to the hundreds of Donald Trump messes that are far worse.  Just the fraud of Trump University stealing money from the old and stupid is far worse.

Or the equivalency to the endless lies Trump tells to whatever the Hillary lie is which I still don’t know what it is.

If that isn’t bad enough, the rest of the GOP argument is whenever the media finds something horrible about the Republicans come the defenders to say DEMOCRATS DID IT TOO!  Usually one Democrat long ago.

But the advantage the GOP has is they understand their base does not think, they feel.  Democrats understand this but as we have found out with liberal radio, liberal TV, liberal websites that does not work, they cannot get liberals to stop thinking.