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The Senate Refuses to Pass Gun Control – Seth Meyers

The Senate Refuses to Pass Gun Control - Seth Meyers

With the blood barely dry from the most recent gun – facilitated slaughter in Florida, Seth Meyers observes that Senate Republicans rushed to respond, by rejecting much-needed gun control proposals this week.  While the majority of people in the United States are in favor of such legislation, the NRA and the Senate observed a moment of thoughts and prayers that we’ll simply forget about it and move on. They feel it’s time.

“Gun grabbing” wasn’t in the legislation, just prohibiting those on the no-fly list from gun ownership and requiring background checks. The argument is almost academic. In 32 states, guns are freely sold between ‘individuals’ including online and Gun TV…Maybe delivered by drone?

You  have a much more difficult time obtaining a drivers license, a passport, cold medicine, a pet or a divorce in the United States, than buying a machine that kills people.  The implications of the latter may predict very bad ‘accidents’ just waiting to happen. As Seth observes, you needn’t even bypass a ‘captcha’ to purchase a gun!

We are rounding the corner on this battle, whether the pro-gun lobby wants to come along peacefully or not.
Seth suggests  common sense solutions for those of us who are ready for significant change…And it’s as simple as organizing and voting. You’ll also get a glimpse of ‘stand-up Obama’ ripping his opponent Hillary Clinton for her ‘Annie Oakley’ stance in 2008…A position she has changed, but ‘stand-up Obama’ is always a treat.

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