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The story of the 2016 election, EMAILS! FOD

It was the emails that killed the beauty. Who woulda thought? Especially now with The President using an unsecured android phone all day everyday. ¬†Remember Hillary was a liar because she said she did not send or receive any classified emails. They got her emails and the FBI found 1 that had a (c) at the bottom rather than CLASSIFIED stamped across the top. We never heard what the classified material was. Just that Hillary is a liar and should be locked up. On the other hand, Candidate Donald Trump told more than 4000 lies during the campaign and has about 100 under his belt since becoming President. But that’s okay, he exceeds expectations.

We are a nation of morons and deserve President Donald Trump.

The Donald won not because of Muslims, Mexicans, Immigrants, Foreigners, walls or racism. He won because stupid people hate liberals so much they will risk nuclear holocaust just to give them the finger.  And why do they hate liberals so much?

Because liberals are smarter and better looking than they are.