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The Supreme Court, who are they to Judge? Daily Show

The Supreme Court, who are they to Judge? Daily ShowFirst things first, those who are against both birth control and abortion are both stupid and crazy, with that out of the way could this coming election be more about the Supreme Court than any other issue?

It sure seems to be the case for Republicans who are holding their nose to get behind a fascist clown just to keep the SCOTUS from turning liberal.

How much of the support for Trump is now because he said he would nominate a justice who will overturn Roe v Wade? You know, big government forcing women to have children they do not want. What could be more Republican than that? I wonder how many abortions The Donald has paid for? Who’s on that?

Scalia is good and dead, he will be replaced by a liberal by a liberal president, that’s the way the game is played, in fact how the GOP played the game until now. The SCOUTUS will soon be 5 to 4 with a liberal bent for quite some time.

All four or eight years of Hillary will do is give oldsters Ginsberg and Breyer a reason to retire. The only chance to increase the liberal lean to 6 to 3 is if Clarence Thomas drops dead. Fat chance of that happening, he will hang as a cadaver to keep both his central policy issues going, hating liberals and black women so much his teeth bleed.

Back in 1983 after Clarence Thomas was awarded running the EEOC by Ronald Reagan he made a heart felt speech on how at every step of his life, affirmative Action helped him along.  Once on the court Thomas turned 180 degrees becoming the loudest voice against affirmative action, has bragged that he would have voted against Brown v Education [even a KKK member on the SC voted for it] and that he would have voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1965.  Not to mention openly taking money and gifts from right-wing millionaires and organizations with a NAnananaNA. Oh and not to forget he says the only news he needs he gets from Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.


Straighten your bow tie and bring me a mint julep.