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The Trump vs Trump debate drinking game

The Trump vs Trump debate & drinking gameEvery time he tells a lie take a drink which makes his supporters not only deplorable drunks but part of that 1.75l crowd [whatevers on sale].

So it’s EMAILS!  And then EMAILS.  Don’t forget EMAILS.  Remember the EMAILS! EMAILS!  EMAILS. The EMAIL election. And now a Muslim is involved! Who is not only a Muslim but a pervert enabler!  Remember when a husband cheats it’s somehow the enabling woman’s fault.  And when a wife cheats that’s the woman’s fault.  And when dinner isn’t ready on time it’s the woman’s fault. And don’t get me started on the headaches.

My honest personal spin on this is that if my most hated politician, Dick Cheney when Vice President used a email server he kept up his ass I would not give even one rat’s ass about it.

This email thing is  not only just politics, it’s such a far reach to importance it goes beyond reason. But the media needs something to pretend they are fair so not to lose share. They can’t up and tell the truth that DONALD TRUMP IS A FASCIST VINDICTIVE NARCISSIST IGNORANT BUFFOON AND IF YOU VOTE FOR HIM SO ARE YOU.  In Germany in the 1930’s the media had an excuse, other than Mr. Goebbels, they were either shot out back or in camps.

And to make it even sillier, the State Department and the Pentagon et al have been hacked while Hillary Clinton’s server has not. And all they got so far is ONE email with a (c) on the bottom that we don’t even know the content of.