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The View: Should Miss America Pageant Peel Off the Swimsuits?

If America ever needed humor and kitsch, it’s now. Kudos to Sunny Hostin for her suggestion that Miss America competitors ditch the swimsuits that are so carefully pasted on and replace them with campy fare that represents their state…Points for creativity.  For instance, Miss Maine might wear a crab theme and Miss Iowa could work corn into her ensemble. Miss Washington could slither onstage rocking a slug-themed ensemble. While agreeing with Ms. McCain is rare, she has a point. If beauty contests claim to be about beauty and brains, why not include women of various body types – and brains.  I truly hope the Miss America panel takes this controversy seriously, viewership would go up…At least by one, because I’d tune in for the first time ever!

Miss America Swimsuit Controversy | The View