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The View: TIME Cover With Trump and Crying Child Causes Backlash

Co-hosts on ‘The View’ discuss the backlash TIME Magazine is receiving for their cover featuring a crying girl who was not separated from her parents. Some of our friends and neighbors who cannot grasp the concept of symbolism, are all het up, saying the TIME cover is just more liberal ‘fake news.’

The girl pictured with Trump – through the miracle of Photo Shop is not one of the more than 2,000 who have been taken from their families and caged…She is a symbol of those children, just as Trump, on the same cover is merely a symbol for a president.
At this time, journalists and photographers are not allowed in to photograph the real children who have been taken hostage. If and when they are, it’s highly doubtful that Trump will be on hand for a ‘real’ photo shoot with one of them either.

TIME’s Crying Child Cover Controversy | The View-video