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Throwing shade on Pro Choice men of America

Throwing shade on Pro Choice men of America

Throwing shade on Pro Choice men of AmericaI am not sure what to think of this video from the new TVLAND show Throwing Shade. Is it pro life or pro choice? Is it a double reverse whammy? Is it an agent provocateur? What the hell is going on here? And there you have the beauty of it.

So we have five men thanking women for having an abortion. One who with a short fuse killing golf balls. Another a stoner living on Mom’s couch. An older man who said he already failed as a father. Another who would forget he left the kid in the car seat on the roof of the car. And a failed saxophone player. All very bad father figures who would make bad fathers. Right?

The meat of this debate concerns individual liberty over big government intrusion and control a woman’s body.

These same people who want the government to deny a woman her right to terminate a pregnancy are also the same people – I know this is hard to believe – who also do all they can to deny them birth control at every level. But as we know, hypocrisy no longer matters one wit to the Republican mindset. In fact like fake news and alternative facts hypocrisy has become an asset for them.

The actual life changing issue of this is where I find myself.

So many times I have heard from women who I know have had abortions who now want to refuse that same choice to all other women.

That had they not had their abortion, saddled as a single mother living with their parents, with their field of potential husbands reduced by about 95% they would not have met their present husband and the children they love so much would not exist.

Ever approach that with one of these women? Can you guess the response? Hint: Jesus Christ something or other…