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Todd Tiahrt and the Ban on D.C. Needle Exchange

todd tiahrt idiotHere is one of those stories that defines not only the black hearts of conservatives but that their intellectual capacity is a step below pea gravel.
Washington DC has been at the mercy of Congress for centuries, they have no representation and they are taxed! Why they are not all dumping bales of tea into the Reflecting pond on the Mall I don’t know. With a 75% Black population, the US Congress is about as far removed from DC’s population as I am from freerepublic.com.
Democrats recently tried to get rid of the ban on needle exchange in the city. The ban was written by Rep Todd “About as Dumb as it Gets” Tiahrt (R-KA) and enacted during the Gingrich Revolution. Hearing that his old bill may go under, Tiahrt once again repeated the sorryass conservative refrain:
"Needle exchange programs have been proven in many studies to be ineffective and a threat to the surrounding community, especially the children."
There are NO STUDIES that say they are ineffective and hundreds of studies that say they are. Todd Tiahrt is not only an idiot but a liar. But if he has cancer like Tony Snow, then it’s okay. And just how in the SamHell does a needle exchange program affect children? This is the same kind of conservative crap they have managed to get middle America to believe for a generation. Rule one — I can’t remember if it was Hitler, Goebbels, or Limbaugh – find out what the people want to believe (that will benefit you) and feed it to them whether true, false, right or wrong. If you say it they will come.
I believe that when I die I will go to Heaven where all women are beautiful and wear mini-skirts and no panties. That is true. Ban on D.C. Needle Exchange at STOPTHEDRUGWAR.ORG

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