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Tomi Lahren gets some well deserved water thrown at her

Like Tomi Lahren, all Trump syncopates are one day going to have to pay the piper.

OMG! Tomi Lahren got some water thrown at her! OMG!

From the video it seems it was from a few white women who were defending a black waitress from Lahren’s mother who was making a fuss. The black women seems to be the bouncer who escorted the water thrower out the door.

But that is not the story here. Rather it is the historical jumps into American Rightwing Shitism that has happens every so often: The Civil War, the rise of the Klan, pre WW2 antiSemitic German sympathizers, the Southern response to civil rights, Contract with America and now Donald Trump.  Usually with some horrible bigoted racist voice bringing them all out from under their rocks to joyously celebrate their ignorance, bigotry and family valued nastiness. Or what we now call political incorrectness. Names that come to mind are Jefferson Davis, Woodrow Wilson, Charles Lindbergh, George Wallace, Joe McCarthy [Roy Cohn], Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump.

Pies and water are okay. And perhaps even a fingersnap to the nose. Far better than fire hoses, dogs tear gas, bullets or police shooting unarmed black men from the dark side.