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Conservative Incorrect cake at Publix – Summa Cum Laude

This website came from a 1993 to 1995 hardcopy newsletter called Conservative Incorrect. No one understood, in fact, to this day, I do not believe anyone other than myself has ever put those two words together. That was when the Right was having records store employees thrown in jail for selling rap music.

I tried making two points, first that conservative incorrectness sent one to jail, while political correctness sent one to reprimands and possible a few hours of classes. And secondly the amount of conservative correctness working through most every Christian school and college was so beyond any political correctness it make my body shake.

But now we have a third issue at play.  If you read the article you may notice the WHERE of this is missing. Though because it was a Publix grocery store we know it was in the South somewhere.

Grocery Store Censors Student’s ‘Summa Cum Laude’ Graduation Cake: ‘Summa — Laude’

BTW, it means “with highest honor” by graduating in the top 5% of one’s class.

Whether it be white working class Southerners or today’s Trumpers, Summa Cum Laude is something they have never heard in their families, or friends, or fellow conservatives. It does not come up at the range, or at Carl Jr’s, or the 4 Wheeler shop,it is not part of their world.

To TrumpersLATIN only means Mexicans taking their jobs running behind garbage trucks with giant bags of crawfish heads and road kill guts that have ripened in the the garbage bags for a week. A job white people stand in line to get. Like maids, landscapers, picking lettuce, roofing, foundation work and slaughter houses.