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Trevor Noah, makes a fool of North Carolina bathroom laws

Trevor Noah, makes a fool of North Carolina bathroom lawsThough a cop in every bathroom in America checking everyone’s photo id’s and children’s birth certificates to take a pee is both funny and absurd, that is not where the really stupid disconnect comes with Sharia Christian Law. ¬†After all, as Kansas is about to show us, we do not need police in our bathrooms doing ID or crotch checks, we can have children do it for us. Yes, Kansas is about to pass a bill that gives children $2500 to rat on other children who are taking a pee in the wrong bathroom. Another great Christian idea to further alienate Christian children from their peers to forever cage them in that silly bubble of theirs.

We went through this same thing down here in Dumbutt last Fall, it passed easily, the disconnect here in Houston is that the results of the law will be that male trans who are to all outside appearances women will be having to pee in Men’s bathrooms, while women who are for all intent and purposes appear as men will be peeing in Women’s bathrooms. Well thought out!

Adding to that disconnect is the rally cry that got this Sharia Christian law passed. “We refuse to allow men to watch grandma pee!” For as you know, what with the Ladies rooms all having stalls with latchable doors, men, dressed as women will be slithering around the wet floor of public bathrooms sneaking under the stalls to look up at grandma taking a dump, it’s a real turn on.

But that is not the intent of these laws. The laws are passed to not only cause pain, suffering and hurt to transgender people but to not allow them to pee anywhere so they have to stay at home out of sight and out of mind. Like pro life, gay marriage and such, we come to the tipping point in which we come to understand that Choice and the LBGT community are on higher ground than those who wish to not only celebrate but codify their bigotry and intolerance.

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