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Jessica Williams makes a fool of Christian bigot Gorden Klingenschmitt

Jessica Williams makes a fool of Christian bigot Gorden KlingenschmittColorado State representative Gorden Klingenschmitt is a retired Navy Chaplin with an alter ego who he calls Dr. Chaps, he dresses up in priest robes and pretends to be someone he isn’t, but no matter how hard he tries, when others do the same, he cannot think it through.  And if you have ever had a conversation with one of these Evangelical Christians you understand that none of them can think much of anything through. Whenever they get to a logical corundum or reason slaps them up side of the head, they shut down. After all, thinking is hard. Let God or some other idiot do you thinking for you.

I recently arrived at what is the worst idea in the world is? It came to a disgruntled Catholic priest some 500 years ago, his name was Martin Luther and he began what we now call the Reformation. The gist of which was no middleman needed, and that we gain everlasting life in Heaven through the intensity of our belief in God rather than our deeds or actions.  500 years of a free license to be an a whole. With that thinking, every terrorist, suicide bomber and even cannibal Jeffery Dahmer are yukking it up in Heaven with a billion or so other a wholes. With that said,  Hell’s Bells! Have a Drink on Me for Hell Ain’t a Bad Place being On a Highway to Hell.  It seems ACDC came to the same epiphany about 35 years before I did.

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