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Trevor Noah rips Hurricane Trump’s first presser, Daily Show

Trevor Noah rips Hurricane Trump's first presser, Daily Show

Trevor Noah rips Hurricane Trump's first presser, Daily ShowWe just found out why Donald Trump does not drink! He was born drunk.

There are seven lies in this one minute of this historically disjointed blather of a press conference not by professor Erwin Corey, but the President of the United States.

He did not receive 306 electoral votes, he received 304 because two sane people changed their votes.

It is a flat out lie that he received the biggest electoral win since Reagan:

Bill Clinton 370 electoral votes in 1992
Bill Clinton 379 electoral votes in 1996.
Barack Obama 365 electoral votes in 2008
Barack Obama 332 electoral votes in 2012

Even when he weasels out by claiming he meant only Republicans it is still a flat out lie:

George H Bush 426 electoral votes in 1988

And what is his excuse for all the lies and fake news and alternate facts he blathers on about each and every day?

“That’s the information I was given. That’s the information I’ve seen around.”

In fact his electoral win that the claims is enormous and terrific and great falls in the lowest 10% of all presidential elections. Another lie.

So that is seven lies in one minute.

It is time to not just call his lies lies and a liar a liar, but with 7 lies per minute, to call him a pathological liar. What could happen? He declares war on the media? Flatter the silly show Fox News & Friends as the only real news in the world?