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Trump calls Bobby Knight, Mike Tyson, and Mike Ditka to GOP convention

Trump calls Bobby Knight, Mike Tyson, and Mike Ditka to GOP conventionDonald Trump is in the process of organizing his party in Cleveland in a few weeks, so far he has picked for speakers the three men in America who are at the top of the “DONT EVER EVEN THINK ABOUT GIVING THIS GUY A GUN” list.

I am sure the speaking list also includes Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich, both on the VP short list.

Pick Newt!  I saw him the other day on Fox Sunday, if any politician embodies evil it is the Newtster. Gosh. What a despicable human being. If it’s Newt, the after convention slogan for the GOP is a no brainer:

Indecent and Despicable! 

I can only wonder about the entertainment venue coming to the town billed the Rock & Roll capital of the world. Kid Rock goes without saying, but will there be room for Ted Nugent?  And of course Charlie Daniels, all you Millennials know who that is right?

UPDATE: Donald Trump says he did not ask Mike Tyson to speak at the convention.

You know whose missing from this is Curt Shilling who just today said voting for Hillary should be a federal felony. That should get him a spot.   I am sure it will be a country music kind of thing with either Jerry Falwell Jr. or Franklin Graham kicking it off.