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Trump declares Google biased for the wrong reason

Google may be a lot of horrible things, but having a purposeful political bias is so beyond their business plan it staggers the mind that anyone would try and sell that silly crap.  The entire point of these media giants is to write code that does things on automatic.   ITS THE WHOLE POINT!  Gosh…

Google, like the media, like politics, like our culture and like the government, is bias toward the most money.  It is called capitalism.

Google search results go to those webistes that had the most startup money, have dedicated salaried teams of SEO, Webmasters, IT and coders whose singular jobs are to create the most efficient ways of getting outside links to their website.

That is THE Google log rhythm. ?<how many links to site[count=]>
Perhaps just a dozen lines of code.

And a few million more lines of if/then filters to deter messing with.

Google dismantled Trump’s latest attack on the search engine