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Trump fakes the Carrier Deal, Daily Show Video

Trump fakes a deal, Carrier Jobs, Daily Show Video

. The Carrier Deal, where The Donald pays Carrier $7 million dollars to keep 800 employees here in the states while more jobs at Carrier were lost to Mexico.  Hey Donald, we here at Kick! are moving to Mexico. Pay us or we go!  So says every business in America.

If you watch this video you may find it long, boring and a bit complicated. Can you imagine some Trumpster trying to figure that out?  TRUMP SAVES JOBS!  Three words is about right. LOCK HER UP!  Though MAKING AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN tops out at four words which is about their limit.

And NUANCE? That is a word that has not yet entered the Trumpster lexicon. But hey, give them a break, the only socializing they do is either inside the Dairy Queen or in the Walmart parking lot.

SNOWFLAKE [white losers] has broken into their lexicon though. It’s their new word for liberals. Which I must say is better than either LIBTARD and NWORDLOVER.