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Trump kills Affirmative Action a week after Justice Kennedy retires

One can most certainly understand that this attack on Affirmative Action appeared days after Trump knew he had a new Supreme Court pick that will kill it after Justice Kennedy who voted to retain it retired [in full frontal understanding of what would come.] And this, like everything Trump does is to hold and caress the Republican base. The ugliest part of America since day one.  No thought at all to anyone else or any other group. It is all he has IN THE WORLD. Well other than Putin, Un, Erdogan, Durterte and now Poland and Italy.

We think this Trump cult is something new but it isn’t. Rush Limbaugh make it to syndication in 1988, then Fox News in 1995 all working on the same profit motive.  Making bigots and assholes feel good about themselves.

Since the start of the internet I have always took a look at the racist websites every so often. The KKK, the Aryan Nations, the National Front and recently the Alt Right. Over the years they all have one issue at the top of their list and on the front page. ELIMINATE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. You know GOOD PEOPLE.

Often I hear people like Rush Limbaugh tell me that MLK was against Affirmative Action and at heart a conservative lover of Rush Limbaugh.  Here’s the factual, real, truth of the matter which half of America no longer give a rat’s ass about. .

“A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for the Negro” to compete on a just and equal basis.” MLK


Trump administration reverses Obama-era guidance on use of race in college admissions