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Trump Lies About His Birther Past – Seth Meyers

Trump Lies About His Birther Past - Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Donald Trump’s recent claim that he did not start the birther movement.  Although Trump has ridden the birther claim into the ground, he will no longer take credit for inventing the lie. Trump was merely following up on what ‘some people say’ and ‘a lot of people feel’ or ‘an extremely credible source’ told him.   I am worried about the investigators he sent to Hawaii. Like all of Trump’s claims, they once took center stage, but when they became inconvenient, they vanished like all figments of the imagination.  However, when it became convenient to drop the lie, he placed it on Hillary, giving himself credit for ending it. “Period.”  What a guy.

It’s egregious  that Trump has lied and tried to discredit the President of the United States for years. To lie to  Americans when the lies are easily disproved by video takes cooperation in my opinion, and perhaps that’s easy to come by when racism is at the root of the lie.

The media which has enabled Trump at every turn, got a little peeved when their ‘press conference’ turned into a hotel ad. They’ll be back when Trump calls, but we do have this moment of glorious metaphor when the gigantic backdrop curtain collapses while cameras are still rolling.