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Trump Lies About Tariffs, Trade War with China – A Closer Look Seth Meyers

Seth focuses his closer look at Trump, ratcheting up his trade war with China, while lying about tariffs, and what it all means for American companies and consumers.

While  Senators from farming states are in a position to see how Trumps tariffs are affecting people, other Republicans are happy to cheer Trump on.  Trump’s  toadies cheer his delusions of a skyrocketing economy and his clever successful tariff ‘solution.’ Trump claims that the U.S. is making big money from China from the tariffs. Of course, that isn’t how tariffs work, but no one seems willing or able to explain it to him. He knows a few things and he repeats them often so he won’t forget. His relationship with China’s leader is frequently repeated: “He’s for China and I’m for the U.S.A.” Has anyone asked him to answer a similar question about Russia?