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Trump Not Happy with Deal to Avoid Shutdown but Wall is Fantastic! – Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers – A Closer Look: During his visit to the border on Monday, Trump’s fans predictably chanted that perpetual favorite, ‘Build That Wall!’ Unpredictably, Trump halted the chanting briefly to interject; “You mean ‘Finish That Wall!’  Mind, the rally was held in full view of the southern border, where The Emperor’s New Wall could not be detected by the human eye – in this world…But according to Trump, it’s a beaut!  Regarding the deal with Democrats; in the span of 20 seconds Trump went from ‘not happy’ to saying he was ‘thrilled’ to modestly claiming he was doing things that are ‘FANTASTIC!’

The truth is, that Trump never truly envisioned a day when he would be pressed to actually build The Wall.
Once more, Trump invites Americans to believe him – or believe their lying eyes.