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SNL Black guy schools White Virginia politicians on Blackface

Here in Houston we recently enjoyed an article written by a athlete college senior who outed his hometown in West Texas and so many just like it. Along with small rural all white schools and communities throughout the South.

We are talking 2014.  GROUPS of high school students in blackface, coaches using the Nword, teachers forcing prayer to Jesus, teachers pushing creationism and a culture of racism and religious bigotry. Where teachers and school boards are completely controlled by evangelical Christians.  They are never taken to task as there are no blacks or open gays or atheists to raise a stink. And if anyone does, they know they will be shunned and run out of town. The towns are too small for the media to bother with. But the story should be how getting out of those rural towns and getting an education is the best solution to so much racism afoot today.

I have a middle school teacher friend here in Houston who tells me stories of the teachers lounge. He and a few other teachers sit on one side of the room while on the other side teachers laugh and guffaw about how much Jesus, confederacy, racism and gay bashing they get away with pushing in class each day.