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Trump Toadies and the Deep State of things

Trumpers are correct about the wussiness of Democrats. It was not until yesterday that for the first time I heard someone on TV use the word “Toadie” to describe one of Trump’s Toadies.  I think it was John Heilemann, the once partner of that Republican woman attacker who got METOOD, can’t remember his name anymore. It took the testimony of AG Barr to finally break the TOADIE barrier. It was because of how we all saw with our own eyes and ears what an extreme Toadie AG Barr has become.

Though the top Trump Toadie in the world is Lindsay Graham, followed by Toadie Pence, Toadie Giuliani, Toadie Dershowitz and so on. And where are the toadie political cartoons? What a bunch of wussies.

South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham is up for election this cycle.
Since his best pal John McCain died and Lindsay Graham became the Top Trump Toadie in the World, his positive rating went from 43 to 72 in South Carolina which stopped any primary against him. Unopposed.

I don’t believe one single Trumper would change their love or vote for Trump for any reason at all. That darkness, that bile, that intolerance and ignorance is DEEP down in the STATE of their hearts, their character and their nature.
Only way to win is to GET OUT THE VOTE.