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Trump voters, death before Hillary, seriously

Trump voters, death before Hillary, seriously

Trump voters, death before Hillary, seriouslyThis is a must watch. Here is a man dying of black lung disease he got from being a coal miner and if Trumpcare passes will lose his health car and the drugs that keep him alive.

He and his wife accept that and cannot be swayed away from Trump or the Republicans who together are going to kill him.

What do they have to say in defense of Trump?

He is genuine! He talks off the top of his head! He will bring our coal jobs back which Obama and Hillary destroyed. No you nitwits, it is natural gas, renewables and automation that lost you your job.  And both Obama and Hillary had plans to move coal miners into better jobs, better health care with better outcomes.

So do you think these kind of people are just Trump fans because he is genuine and talks off the top of his head? Hey, I am genuine and talk off the top of his head but am not the president. Yet.

The wife let slip what it is all about with just one word tucked hardly audible.  IMMIGRATION.  That’s the big problem in West Virginia: Sharia Law, Muslims, Mexicans, foreigners and the need to wall off the country.

Did I forget an uppity Negro and an Uppity woman?  These nitwits would rather die than suffer a healthcare plan that has a Negro word attached to it. It’s all about racism and bigotry.  YES IT IS. And Trump feeds into that better than anyone since you know who. The rallies, the flags, the anger, the attacks on the press and science and professors and anyone smarter than a Palin.