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Trump: You Need Photo ID to Buy Groceries But Not to Vote?

Trump told the crowd at a recent rally that a picture ID is necessary in order to buy groceries in this country.  While the Tampa, Florida crowd cheered, those of us who aren’t high in hairspray fumes tittered, as it’s clear that Trump has never set one cloven hoof in a grocery store. However Trump wasn’t finished telling on himself.  Trump next told the crowd that the only place you don’t need picture I.D. is when you want to vote!  Yessiree thanks to the Democrats, illegal immigrants can stroll right in and throw several ballots in the box for evil Hillary Clinton – just as an example.  In the hilarity over Trump’s grocery ID blunder, it’s easy to miss the fact that he clearly has never voted either.  You stand a better chance of pulling off a daylight bank robbery than of pulling one over on the front line at your local polling place.

Trump claims photo ID needed to buy groceries

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